Our Story

Learn our story, from the beginning and into the future.

Fabrizio Funeral Chapels is family owned and operated. Joseph Fabrizo is a funeral director with 23 years of experience.  The Fabrizio Funeral Chapels commitment is to do the best we can for each family who calls on us. 

The Fabrizio Funeral Chapels staff understands the importance of providing funeral services that reflect the wishes and needs of each family. We will follow all religious and ethnic traditions and we are fully capable of providing military services. Our flexible funeral services cover earth burial to cremation; private viewings to memorial services with appropriate accommodations for all religious denominations.

We offer complete services at our location or we can coordinate services with any area church or cemetery. We will work with family members to select memorable choices based on personal preferences and budgets. We understand that it's the little things that go a long way to help a family get through a difficult time.

We are able to help people prepare arrangements in advance, relieving the emotional burden survivors may encounter when faced with making difficult decisions.

We care for our families and stay with them as long as they need us!

We pride ourselves on a successful long-term relationship with families as part of our commitment to excellence.

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The Fabrizio Commitment

A funeral is about loss and healing.

When all the right elements are in place, a funeral can be a transforming experience.

A means to hold close and keep alive cherished memories.

With that high goal in mind, we offer a family tradition of excellence, and a family dedication to sensitive, caring service.

 For 23 years my philosophy has remained the same. To comfort you in your time of need. To help you make difficult choices. And to provide your family with peace of mind going forward.


The Fabrizio Commitment

Our Commitment to Services

Caring and Dedication: 

When building this State of the Art location the decor and furnishings were designed to be serene and home-like offering bereaved family’s privacy and comfort.

To help care for the needs of our grieving children we have designed a one-of-a-kind Disney comfort room dedicated for the comfort of children during the wake ceremonies  This will help them during their own grieving process. There will be staff on hand to interact and supervise the children.  

Community Involvement: 

Pursuit of Excellence: 

Joseph Fabrizio recognizes the value of a professional education. He is a Professor of Mortuary Science at Nassau Community College.

Explaining Costs: 

Knowing the families in the community, We understand that quality and cost are both important. With the wide range of available services and with a compassionate, caring and creative staff, everyone can get the dignity they deserve at a cost their family can afford.

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